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Dark Side

Milky Way at Bristlecones National Park, California

So this is The tree. The tree that by now has been photographed by a million or so photographers in the Bristlecones National Park in California.
The significance of this photo is actually for me is how it all happened...At least in my memory.
..Two day Meeting in Vegas ends at 4 PM.
Change my clothes, jump in a rental car, drive to Big Pine, CA. It's about 4 hour drive. Missed epic sunset by about 15 minutes due to traffic. Kicked my own ass for about an hour. Start shooting The tree (and others) from 10 till 1am. Drive two hours to Mono Lake. Sleep in the car about 50 minutes waiting for the sunrise. Light did not happen. Not overly upset as I am a bit worn out. Jump back in the car to drive 4 hours back to Vegas. Shower, change and go to another meeting. Bam.
There is always time to see extraordinary things - either bristlecones or sunset or perfectly black night sky. There is always time for life and we'll sleep when we are dead.