Northwest - yegor
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Oregon Coast

First day, first night shooting during my epic trip to the Northwest. Weather was not cooperating for any sort of light, as the coast was covered in deep wet fog. Seal Rocks are magnificent rock formations in central Oregon just a few miles outside the town of Newport - so what the heck, cant make the weather always perfect, so we decided to climb them anyways! Fortunately for us, just after few minutes the sun broke through and so did the beautiful blue sky.
The ocean was almost still. Which was another "blow" to our outing, as we were hoping to see the Pacific ocean displaying some sort of passion, haha. Well, after taking a series of shots, rogue waves found me just like they do in Maine. There were four of us, perched up on the wet rocks, composing shots, making small talk - but only I got hit with a giant wave in the face. Three times. Maybe more. I ran out of dry towels and rags and any sort of dry clothing on my body.
And I thought Pacific Ocean was warmer then Atlantic!