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Breathe In

Panther Creek Falls, Washington State.

My memories of this shot will always be associated with freezing cold feet.
I never thought the water can be so cold despite the fact I do live in Maine after all and our ocean is not exactly of Bora Bora temperatures.
Marc Adamus did advise to wear waders and neoprene socks but somehow I took it as if was to do that, I would automatically become classified as a sissy. So here I am in the old sneakers and ankle length socks standing in the most beautiful fast moving stream - thinking at what point will I lose my legs.
I never had a chance before to shoot a waterfall midstream - or any waterfall of this grander for that matter , so to tell you I was in owe for an extended length of time is an understatement.
Panther Creek Falls is located in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington and consists of two drops - this is being the smaller of the two. In order to get here we had to do some intense hiking, climbing and scaling of almost vertical rocks - at times grabbing vines and tree branches to maneuver down.

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