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Ram's Glitter And Gold

Ram Island Head Light, Casco Bay, Maine.
This lighthouse is located on the North side of the harbor and can be seen from areas around Portland Head Light, a much more famous lighthouse in Maine. It was constructed in 1905 and unlike the PHL lighthouse, it does not receive a lot of attention, it’s not as picturesque or taken care of. It’s actually, now a private property. A few years ago, it was auctioned off to a local doctor for almost $200,000.  Yet, the light had a great a purpose back in the day. Many ships and lives were lost to the underwater rocks, when leaving or entering the bay. And even though its exterior is extremely battered by severe Maine weather, having no paint, and some broken down parts, it often lights up in gold, still standing strong against massive and unforgiving waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

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