Maine Coast & Acadia - yegor
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Otter Point, Acadia National Park, Maine.

The night before this shot, I missed the biggest sunset of our trip. You know, the one when the sky explodes in all sorts of red, pink and magenta. The one that takes your breath away and sometimes even makes you forget to click your camera's shutter.  The reason that I missed it, is I dropped my camera in the lake and most of the functions stopped working, so it spent a day or more in a bag full of rice, drying out.  

So naturally I did not expect the next day sunset to be this good! This is Otter Point - not the usual, more crowded sunset watching area, but a little more to the North. I loved all sorts of lines, shapes and amazing colorful rock formations here. I could spend hours exploring.  Waves were high and loud, while the sunlight was naturally glowing from the moisture in the air. Acadia was at its best: beautiful, charming and full of adventure.