Maine Coast & Acadia - yegor
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The Right Side Of The Night

Northern Lights Display in Acadia National Park, Maine.

I usually shoot alone. Not because of the loner mentality but more of the solitude, relaxation and truly getting deeper understanding of things around - trees, ocean, rocks, grasses or simply sounds and the smell of air.
This particular night I asked my wife to join me, since she never seen me shoot Milky Way before and I thought it would be fun to be in the park alone together ( all National Parks were closed due to The Government shutdown).
She actually should get the credit for this photo. Here looking at the lights, we are facing North. Milky Way this time of year is in completely opposite direction - moving from south to the southwest as the night rolls on. Without her drinking wine from the plastic cup (romance!) and saying "hey what is that" I would probably never even looked behind to see this amazing miracle of nature. So get out there, experience everything the world has to offer and look in every direction, because the right side of the night could be behind you.